Senior Citizen Resources in Seattle

Senior Information and Assistance - A good general information and referral agency. Also is an umbrella agency for various services for the aging. (206) 448-3110

Senior Rights Assistance - Very Helpful with legal advocacy issues for seniors.
(206) 448-5270

Senior citizen activity and recreation centers (not an exhaustive list)
     University area 524-0473
     Central area 461-7816
     Greenwood 461-7841
     West Seattle 932-4044

Gray Panthers of Seattle - An intergenerational political action organization. (206) 675-8859. I was the co-founder of the Seattle office in 1976!

Homesharing for Seniors - A housing alternative for older tenants, as well as an important tool which enables older homeowners to stay in their own homes (206) 448-5725. I worked with this agency in the early 1980's.